How Many Blades Does One Good Razor Really Need?

Shaving razors are moderately expensive. And blades? Some would say they’re unreasonably so.

In the last few years, the internet has offered the opportunity for quite a few smaller shaving companies to bring their products to market and to compete with existing industry leaders online.

One such company is Defender. And as their website states,

With Defender we seek nothing less than to revolutionize the shaving industry, by offering a real alternative to high cost razors without sacrificing quality.

A 100-year razor monopoly has driven prices up while keeping innovation down, as companies continue to pack more blades onto an already crowded cartridge and call it progress.

We aim to break that cycle.

Did you catch that line about “more blades”? Perhaps too many of us have been under the mistaken assumption that more blades mean a better razor.

Defender presents this:

Defender Razor Handle Defender Dual Head Razor

It’s an elegant razor and boasts of being able to out-shave any bix box store razor any day.

The price point is nice. The traditional handle costs $4.95 and the dual head costs $9.95 with free shipping on each.

Blades come in three types – regular, sensitive, and extra-sensitive – and you’ll get a pack of 4 for $7.95 with free shipping.

The strength of Defender might be in the 20% discount for signing up for the subscription!

Tons of users on Defender’s Facebook page report a close, nick-free shave. They also report amazing customer service from a company whose owners seem quite passionate about their product.

If you’re looking for an internet-to-mail-order razor and shave kit, you might want to give Defender a shot!

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